"Lovely Day For a Rock Song"

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Praise for "Lovely Day for a Rock Song"

"In the tradition of celebrated memoirists from Pepys to Nabokov, Nick Garrett offers us a glimpse into his life thus far in this wide-ranging work. By turns poignant and humorous, Nick's story is nothing if not consistently inspiring, showing that with grit, vision, and determination practically anything is possible. Having played a bit role in his life's story myself, I, like most readers, am anxious to learn the next installment in the life of this remarkable young man. It will undoubtedly be worth reading."
The Honorable E. Greg Wells
Judge, District Court of Maryland

"Not all successful adults experienced smooth sailing through their younger years. Nick Garrett is an example of that. He has overcome a lot of turbulence in his life and is now a successful business owner who is a notable volunteer in our community. Truly a role model, he always has goals and is driven to achieve them. Nick’s inspiring biography shows that everyone can succeed! "
Patricia Hofmann
Director - Calvert County Public Library

"Nick Garrett is a twenty-something bound for something. Packing more experiences into his twenty-eight years and overcoming more obstacles than most people twice his age, Nick gives us a candid, unapologetic look at how a young man perceives and then engages a world in need of responsible politics, the peace of God, and oh, yeah - great music. His journey is our journey, fraught with insecurity and certainty, triumph and heartbreak. He is more honest than he knows about his generation and the challenges it faces as it prepares to lead this world. I can't wait for the sequel."
Rev. Ken Phelps, Jr.

Nick Garrett for County Commissioner